If you’re looking for property management and leasing services in Washington, DC, and close-in Montgomery County, Maryland, look to Taylor Properties Limited. Still a family-owned business after three decades, it is our pleasure to be your choice when it comes to the specialties of property management and leasing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are fortunate to list some of the best addresses in the metro area within our portfolio. 

Are you a longterm investor? Or just leaving the DC area for a few years because your career has taken you elsewhere? Let our professional property management and leasing staff care for your real estate assets while you focus on the other goals in your life. 

Planning a move here? If you’re looking for executive housing for the long or short term, you’ll be drawn to the appealing array of Washington, DC properties in our inventory. Although it’s unlikely we won’t have what you’re looking for, we can also refer you to a tenant agent if we don’t have the property you’re looking for within our portfolio. 

We strive to deliver the winning combination you have come to expect from Taylor: professionalism, highly personal attention, and integrity. We are Taylor Properties Limited and we’re eager to be your choice for property management and leasing services in the DC area…so please let us tell you how we can make your life easier while you meet your life’s other challenges. 

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The foundation for your real estate success can often hinge on a successful landlord-tenant relationship. We will help you maximize your real estate investment goals by sharing the wealth of our information and resources gained through decades of hard-earned experience, and will help you hone in on the best tenant for you. 

Do you have questions about whether becoming a landlord is the best decision for you? If you’re nervous about “getting in” to the investment property market, let us help you identify the various components of that decision. Our methodical question and answer process will assist you in articulating your needs and wishes so that you can determine if it’s comfortable to “get in”. We will educate you about the current rental market and local regulations in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland, that will affect how your investment property is marketed, and we will also educate you as to how local property laws may affect your decision to “get out” of the investment property market at some point in the future. 

Stressed at the thought of identifying and qualifying prospective tenants? Unsure about how to advertise for the best tenant? We will review the various means of marketing your investment property with you to best identify your target market, position your property, and make the most of your budget dollars. We are unique within the DC metro area in that we actively maintain and update our website to reflect new listings and activity within our portfolio, which is especially helpful to prospective tenants coming from afar. We use tried-and-true methods to find and qualify tenants. 

Need to know how much income your investment property can generate? This is often the first question prospective clients ask. While proper pricing is critical to your success and is an important part of our service, we’ll also discuss proper positioning in the Washington, DC market. We will tour your property with you, explaining the “need to do” and the “optional” modifications that will put highlight your property’s best features and generate the highest rental return. We will take into account and market factors that differentiate your property from others, such as location, condition, and layout, as well as personal factors, such as whether you may be planning to reoccupy your home and how long a lease is being offered. 

Want an agent you can trust? We are specialists in the rental field and we will help you identify the building blocks for your success. A good marketing plan, a qualified tenant, and a successful lease negotiation are key during the initial process. Even though all of us at Taylor are qualified to sell properties, we make it our business to be experts in the rental field. We are only as successful as you are, and we rely on your satisfaction as the foundation of our business. We are up to the challenge and welcome the opportunity to be your guide! 

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Location, location, location...the old real estate cliché. While location may be an obvious component, it is usually the details, details, details that drive your success. Owning and managing property is a time-consuming, labor-intensive venture, and it is often the relentless attention to the little things that take all the fun out of seeing your portfolio appreciate! 

Who can you trust to tend to the details when it comes to some of your most valuable assets? We at Taylor make it our business to provide full-time, professional, hands-on property management. Everyone at Taylor is a licensed, trained property management professional with years of experience in the field. We offer a low ratio of manager to units for better service for you and your property. 

What is the process? Most of our existing and prospective clients come to us by word of mouth. But just as your friend’s doctor may not be the best choice for you, your friend’s property management firm may not be the best, either. The first step is to interview each other in conjunction with a visit to the property.We’ll discuss such things as property condition, your needs as they relate to the property, what may need to be done to the property for marketing purposes or code compliance, ongoing costs, and our policies and procedures. It is our goal for each of us to come out of the initial meeting with as much information about each other and the property so that we can decide if the “fit” is right. Knowing that we can trust each other is first and foremost. 

What has to be done to my property to make it rentable? In general, we’ll want to ensure that everything is in good and clean condition, both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure code compliance. An appealing, well-maintained property will attract the best prospects, will minimize maintenance headaches and potential liability, and will maximize your rental income. We can recommend tried-and-true service contractors and will lead you through the any registration processes applicable to the jurisdiction in which your property is located once we are under contract with you. 

How much does it cost? Our fee is collected monthly as rent comes in. Most of the time, it is based on a percentage of the monthly rent rather than as a flat dollar amount. We will ask you to set up a reserve fund at the onset of our agreement with you, so that service providers can be paid out of the fund. As rent flows in, the fund will be replenished monthly, all bills relating to the property (such as mortgage, taxes, fees) will be deducted, and the balance disbursed to you. Your net income each month will be deposited to an account you designate, or mailed to you attached to a monthly financial report detailing the income and expense activity on your account. Our spending authority is agreed upon when you sign the agreement…if we anticipate a property repair will exceed our spending authority, you will be contacted first for authorization. At year-end, we will provide an annual accounting for your tax reporting purposes. 

It seems like a lot of money. What services are covered by the property management fee? Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm. We maintain a fully-staffed office of property managers and leasing personnel, and also provide after-hours emergency contact services. On your behalf, we will manage and oversee all property-related matters. We will contract for all maintenance and repairs to your property that are necessary or authorized by you, register your property with the appropriate authorities, coordinate any required tests and inspections performed by outside agencies, collect rent, monitor your insurance coverages, administer contracts relating to the property (such as landscaping, termite, gutter cleaning, etc.), liaise with the tenant, pay property-related expenses, and provide both monthly and annual financial reports to you. 

I thought Taylor was a sales firm…why should I use Taylor? Taylor Properties Limited was originally a service arm of Taylor Real Estate, a sales firm founded by the Taylor family almost four decades ago. When the sales firm was sold in 2003, Keene Taylor, Jr, and Steve Agostino retained ownership of the property management company and renamed it Taylor Properties Limited. Our primary focus is no longer sales; we are specialists in the property management field. We currently manage approximately one hundred twenty properties, based generally within a few miles’ radius of our office. We feel that our close proximity to the properties we manage gives us an advantage over our competitors. We do not take on accounts that we feel we cannot properly service and will refer your business elsewhere if we feel you are better served. 

Co-principals Keene Taylor, Jr., and Steve Agostino came up through the ranks of Taylor as property managers and leasing agents. As the owners of Taylor Properties Limited, they now oversee the company’s growth and development. As sales agents themselves operating from a nearby sales office separate from Taylor Properties, they are always available to lend sales expertise when our clients request an analysis of the “sell vs. rent” question. 

How do we start? We are required by local real estate boards to have your written authorization to lease or manage your property. Once a Property Management and Exclusive Rental Agreement is signed by both of us and your reserve fund escrowed, we are able to start management of your property. You may need to complete some additional forms for us, but our team will mobilize quickly and efficiently. 

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We have merged with Streamline Management LLC as of 1-1-20 and have moved to 4845 Rugby Ave, Bethesda, MD  20814

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